Fleet Video — Which Type is Right for You?

  • idrive X1 – Event Recorder
    • OR
  • idrive D4 – Multi-Camera Continuous Recording DVR

The answer lies in how you use the system in your business and what you expect – and in some cases you may need both types.

What are the differences and what should we consider?

In a nutshell, event recorders record the driver and continuous recorders record the passengers and vehicle.

Event recording – to capture and understand driver behavior. Event recorders record and report when a vehicle is driven in an unsafe manner or when certain activity takes place – such as a taxi meter on off – door open/close – lights on off – or a panic button is pressed. The X1 has dual cameras – one facing out the front and the other recording in the cab with audio.

Click here for information on the idrive X1 Event Recorder.

Continuous recording – to see passengers and other vehicles and outside the vehicle. Continuous recording cameras record the activity inside and around a vehicle – sound is an option – primarily related to safety and liability. The idrive D4 – is a multi-camera system that records 500 hours to a DVR.

Click here for information on the idrive D4 multi-camera system.

Let’s look at an example:

A shuttle van illustrates how we can use each of the systems. Here we can use the idrive X1 Event Recorder to record unsafe driving, accidents, or events such as door open/close. The idrive D4 multi-camera system adds to this by giving us continuous recording of passengers, backup camera integration, and monitoring the sides of the shuttle van.

Every business is different and your situation is unique to you.

We carry different systems to solve different problems.

The key is to balance cost, ease of use, and the features you need to solve your problem.

If you have questions, give me a call and I would be glad to go over it with you.

Take care,

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