Battery Powered GPS Asset Tracking that Gets the Job Done – When it Counts!

No need for expensive installations, messy wires or complicated instructions, simply attach the tracker to your assets and start monitoring!

‘Smart Tracking’ Battery Powered Asset Trackers

Just about every day we talk to contractors, business owners, folks in operations – people like you – that need to know the location of their equipment and trailers.

Sometimes it’s about making things run smoother – sometimes its about theft.

Our Remora, Oyster, and Yabby Asset Trackers often fit the bill. And here’s why….

> > Asset Tracking, Theft Prevention, Equipment Rental, Logistics, Equipment Audits and more. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

Our Asset Trackers are just that. They guard your valuable equipment and trailers.

You get location and movement – right now – on your computer or your phone.

If you need to know where your equipment is – and you need to make sure it is safe – our Remora, Oyster, and Yabby Asset Trackers may be the answer.

The Oyster Asset Tracker is about the size of a pack of playing cards. Completely self-contained. Click Here to See the Spec Sheet

What’s special about the Remora, Oyster, and Yabby Asset Tracker is you get more than just one or two updates a day – we give you custom reporting options – our Asset Trackers give you location AND movement – so you always know exactly where your valuable equipment and trailers are.

Here is why reporting options are important

  • If the issue is theft – it needs to report the problem
  • If you need to know where something is now – knowing where it was yesterday doesn’t help much

Most battery powered trackers suffer from a couple of problems.

  1. pretty pricey
  2. limited reporting options – once a day doesn’t tell you much
  3. expensive proprietary batteries that are a pain to replace
  4. oh, and they don’t tell you much about your assets

The Remora, Oyster, and Yabby Asset Trackers fix these problems and more.

Yabby Asset Tracker

The Yabby Asset Tracker is about the size of a box of matches. Completely self-contained. Click Here to See the Spec Sheet

Recovery Mode You can remotely set our ‘Smart Tracking’ Asset Trackers to Recovery Mode from your smartphone or computer. This reconfigures the device to begin live tracking so that you can quickly and accurately locate your asset.

Physical Tamper Detect Option When you need to know if your Remora has been removed or tampered with – the Tamper Detect Option will tell you. A physical tamper magnet can sit between the Remora and your asset. If the Remora is removed it will wake up and send a Tamper alert.

> > Getting started is pretty simple.

When you get it – you attach it to your equipment – you can use the two bolt holes or strap it …

That’s important! Battery operated units don’t need cabling or wired power

That means you get a lot more flexibility in how and where you can install the Remora Asset Tracker – people like that when you are trying not to be ‘obvious’.

Then check your computer or phone and see your equipment live – you’re in business.

The Remora Asset Tracker is about the size of a TV remote. Completely self-contained. Click Here to See the Spec Sheet

That’s what we do at Fleet Tek – get what you want – not what they have!

  • Battery Powered – Installs in minutes
  • Custom reporting options
  • Tamper detect option
  • See all your equipment on your smartphone

> Knowing your valuable equipment is safe and sound is a nice feeling

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