Protect Your Valuable Equipment and Trailers with Specialized GPS Tracking from Fleet Tek

Immediately find your equipment – Backhoes – Tractors – Light Towers – Generators – Trailers – Fertilizer Tanks – even a Port-o-Potty!

Never Lose Track

  • Stop relying on out-of-date spreadsheets and messy whiteboards
  • Quit hassling people to fill out reports days or weeks late
  • Confirm that equipment is really being used – sell off unneeded assets
It’s Your Stuff … Where is It?
  • Web based – no special software needed
  • Backhoes, tractors, light towers, generators – all your equipment
  • Pennies a day to operate

We have the specialized GPS tracking units made just for trailer tracking, equipment tracking, and non-powered asset tracking. Get the right GPS tracking unit for your job.

  • No more hoarding of equipment
  • Quickly and easily produce hours-of-operation reports
  • Perfect for tracking trailers, fertilizer tanks, debris boxes, tool lockers, even a port-a-john!
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Specialized Equipment & Trailer Tracking Units from Fleet Tek

> Powered Equipment Tracking

Powered Asset Tracker

Powered tracking with a backup battery and disconnect alerts

  • Monitors key on & off for operating hours reporting
  • Get alerts for maintenance & service

Tracking for bobcats, tractors, light-towers, generators, Plus More

  • Daily locate — you will know where your equipment is
  • Receive an alert if your equipment moves from the job site
  • Continuous tracking while moving
  • Smart Tracking — Location, movement, hours

Special Features

  • Waterproof
  • 12 or 24-volt power source
  • Operator ID and Starter Disable option
  • Low Battery Alerts

> Battery Powered Asset Tracker

Oyster Asset Tracker

Easily keep track of non-powered assets and equipment

  • All Self-Contained — Internal Antennas and Battery
  • Long Battery Life — User Replaceable

Perfect for keeping tracking of fertilizer tanks, small trailers, debris boxes, even Port-o-Potties!

  • Easy to Install — ‘Place and Trace’
  • Smart Tracking — Get Location and Movement

> Trailer Tracking

Trailer Tracker

Immediately see the location and status of all your trailers

  • Alerts for truck and tractor connect & disconnect
  • Reefer temperature monitoring option
  • Daily Locates after drop-off

Tracks all trailer movement — Even piggy backed

  • Backup battery means you always know where your trailer is
  • Automatically tracks all movement at 10 or 30-minute interval
  • Waterproof

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