How GPS Vehicle Tracking Saves You Money and Why It Works!

Eliminate Unauthorized Use — Put a stop to side jobs and vehicle abuse.

More Jobs Every Day — More drivers focused on work means more work gets DONE!

Use Your Smartphone — See all your vehicles right on your iPhone or Android.

Using Verizon Networkfleet can reduce operating costs by 21% and up productivity by 23%

Reduce Fuel Costs — Identify excessive idle time and wasteful speeding. Get MPG statistics.

Real-Time Location — Instantly see the location of every vehicle for accurate dispatching.

FREE Roadside Assistance — Tow your vehicle, fix a flat, 24/7 – Included, no extra charge.

GPS vehicle tracking by Networkfleet is the modern management tool for savings money, protecting your business, and improving operations.

Stop Unsafe Driving — Track and report ‘harsh braking’ and ‘jack-rabbit starts’.

Diagnostic Alerts — E-mail alerts notify you of a check-engine light or upcoming maintenance.

LIFETIME Warranty is Standard – Protect your investment with the industries’ best warranty. A lifetime hardware warranty gives you peace of mind.

Get Instant Alerts:
  • Speeding
  • Off-Hours Use
  • Out of Area
  • Check Engine Light
  • Excessive Idling

One Low Price — There is no extra cost for advanced reports or multiple users. Easy to budget and no surprises.

Accurate Billing & Job Tracking — Log arrival and departure times at job sites. Easily check time cards and billing with actual stops.

Driver Safety and Speeding — You see every speeding violation. Both on the freeway and on city streets. Reduce the risk of accidents and liability by improving driver behavior. Qualify for insurance discounts.

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